Crown and Bridge

bridgesA Stable Solution that Renews Your Smile

If you’ve lost one or more teeth because of an injury, accident, or gum disease, the doctor can restore your smile with a fixed bridge. Aside from simply filling the gap, a fixed bridge can prevent remaining teeth from moving and correct a bite that’s misaligned, improving function, speech articulation, and appearance in the process.

What is a Fixed Bridge?

A bridge made up of one or more prosthetic teeth that can be attached on either side of teeth prepped with dental crowns. A fixed bridge is added onto the¬†crowned teeth and is made up of three basic units: the false tooth (or teeth) and two abutment crowns. For patients who don’t have any healthy abutment teeth available, a dental implant may be able to help, while patients who will be replacing many teeth should consider a partial denture (either removable or implant supported). Properly cared for, a fixed bridge can last at least 8 to 10 years.